Pat Kennedy Sculpture

Pat Kennedy has been a professional sculptor since 1978. He has explored a wide range of styles and techniques from loose, almost casual creations to works which are sophisticated, detailed and precise. Thanks to over eight years in foundry work, he's skilled and knowledgeable in virtually every aspect of design and production of bronze sculpture.



Pat's creations reflect his love of the world around him as well as his keen eye for detail. As a boy growing up in Loveland, Colorado he was fascinated by birds and raised ducks and pheasants and even cared for an owl and a hawk. Bird watching quickly shifted from a simple hobby to being the warden of his own game preserve. Years of observations combined with sketching and painting laid the foundation for his realistic sculpture.

Over a decade of military service, including tours of Viet Nam and Germany have fostered a lifelong respect for the men and women who serve and for the symbols which have long represented strength, power, and integrity.  His works with military have tremendous impact.


Pat delights in creating interactive sculpture, also.  Works which invite the observer to walk in, sit down, crawl in, over, and around. In short, to enjoy the sculpture physically and visually.